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Whitstable Harbour Watch (WHW) represents the views of the people of Whitstable.

Draft Harbour Strategy
The Harbour Board will shortly issue a draft strategy for the Harbour for public consultation. WHW would be very interested to hear your views to inform the Steering Group's submission.

It will be published at: www.canterbury.gov.uk/harbour

Hands OFF

WHW works with other Whitstable groups.

18,000 people rejected the Pub, Supermarket and Hotel proposals.

Comments Book
Many people have recorded their comments:
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Whitstable Harbour Watch has 1500 members and growing, 900 are from Whitstable itself.

WHW operates according to a set of principles.
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The Issues
Whitstable Harbour is successful. Nevertheless, future repairs may be difficult to fund. In 2006, Canterbury City Council invited proposals to develop the South Quay to boost income. However the developers' plans would have ruined the harbour.

The WHW Campaign
In Summer and Autumn 2007 a campaign of letter writing, newpaper and TV coverage, petition and meetings made the feelings of the people of Whitstable plain to the Council. Whitstable Harbour Watch is pleased that the Harbour Board and Canterbury City Council decided to reject all three developers' proposals.

Current Situation
WHW accepts that the South Quay, together with the rest of the harbour, must make a larger contribution to harbour income. However it is also part of Whitstable's heritage and an integral part of the town's commercial activity. How should these competing factors be balanced?

WHW Values-Based Strategy
The people of Whitstable, via the Council, own the Harbour. How should the community make decisions about its future direction? Should we just replace the harbour buildings? How do we attract innovative but appropriate commercial uses? Can we enhance the successful businesses already in the harbour? How do we preserve the distinctive and unusual character of the working harbour?

Image: Whitstable Oyster FestivalImage: Bretts roadstone worksImage: Thames Barge GretaImage: Fishermens hutsImage: Crab and Winkle seafood restaurant