Map: Harbour area in 1872

This is part of a large-scale map of Whitstable annotated by Wallace Harvey. The underlying map is from the Ordnance Survey and surveyed in 1872. Of particular interest are the harbour rail lines,
turntables, cranes, the engine house and the coke ovens. At this date the station is within the harbour. "Field 1" is the back water, filled at high tide and providing a strong current at low tide to flush out mud from the harbour. The back water is now the Gorell Tank. To the top right of the map, near the Lodge, is an ice house, storing ice that was probably shipped from Norway. Five (or maybe six) wells can be found. What are "LP" "MP" and "CR"? How did the "Semaphore" operate?

The PH on the South Quay is, of course, the Steam Packet.

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