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Whitstable Harbour Watch (WHW) represents the views of the people of Whitstable.

What do Residents and Visitors Say?

We visit Whitstable for its unique working harbour, if you lose this character we won't have a reason to visit!
Don't make Whitstable like everywhere else!
This area should be preserved as a living museum for future generations!
Appalling. This will rub out the memories of my family and take away future children's chances of learning our history

These comments and many others were recorded in the book kept by West Whelks. Although directed originally at the three proposed developments, we should pay attention to the reasons why visitors like Whitstable. Once this unique character is lost, it will be lost forever.

It is pleasing that about 50% of petition signings are visitors. We celebrate their interest in Whitstable, but in addition we welcome their interest in purchasing goods and services. Do we know what visitors purchase and whether they want to return? We note that some trade income will find its way indirectly to Canterbury City Council - correctly so - and help finance local services. The Harbour also generates employment via the local economy, not just firms in the harbour and a fair balance must be struck.

We should encourage the natural regeneration based on our native wit and innovation that we have already seen in harbour businesses. But we do require a better understanding of what we want our long-term environment and community to be, do we wish to be a mini Blackpool or can we plan something more satisfying and sustainable?

Hands OFF

18,000 people have rejected the Pub, Supermarket and Hotel proposals.

Comments Book
Many people have recorded their comments:

Whitstable Harbour Watch has 1500 members and growing, 900 are from Whitstable itself.

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