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Whitstable Harbour Watch (WHW) represents the views of the people of Whitstable.

What is the WHW Viewpoint?

WHW exists because the people of Whitstable met together and formed a concensus on the development of the harbour. WHW reflects this mandate in its Information Sheets, web site and public comment. The WHW viewpoint is checked with the membership at public meetings and any member can suggest changes which will be discussed by the Steering Group.

Information Sheets, Posters and Strategy Paper:
Download by clicking on name [use Print version if high-quality printing is required]. Printed copies are often available at public meetings.

Information Sheet 1, August (120 kbyte) . . . . . . . [Print 1.3 Mbyte]
Information Sheet 2, September (106 kbyte) . . . .[Print 1.6 Mbyte]
Information Sheet 3, October (311 kbyte) . . . . . . . [Print 534 kbyte]
Information Sheet 4, November (506 kbyte) . . . .[Print 1.0 Mbyte]
WHW Poster A4 size (1.1 Mbyte)
WHW Strategy Paper (156 kbyte) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[Print 1.3 Mbyte]

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WHW Principles of Operation
These principles of operation for Whitstable Harbour Watch were published for comment, suggestions incorporated and approved by the Members Meeting.

  • The WHW mandate for action comes from the huge support across Whitstable and the surrounding area.
  • As an individual, anyone can join Whitstable Harbour Watch, either as a supporter or as a member of a WHW Action Group.
  • There is no membership fee.
  • The Steering Group is made up from representatives of the Action Groups.
  • All activity will be ethical, polite and accurate.
  • WHW has no political affiliation.
  • WHW is a not for profit organisation.

WHW Position on the South Quay Proposals

  • We reject all three proposals put forward as part of the public consultation as being inappropriate for Whitstable and for the harbour.
  • We reject all three proposed developers due to lack of independent and objective evidence available to enable a fair assessment to be made.
  • In general, we accept the principles described in Canterbury City Council’s Tender Invitation Brief for the South Quay Development (2006), with the exception of the assessment criteria.
  • We call for further stakeholder engagement to allow harbour users, local residents, visitors and local interest groups to contribute to the future decision making process.
  • We request that the results of the recent survey and all relevant information about the future of the Harbour and Whitstable be published and be discussed openly with the community.
  • We call for a fair and transparent decision making process which takes due time to consider fully all the options available, the implications of these options and considers the option of non-redevelopment.
  • Any proposal put forward must provide a positive contribution to the resident, commercial and visitor communities over the medium and long term.

Letters to Councillors
We know from feedback that letters from members of the public to Councillors are effective. More letters were received about the South Quay proposals than for almost any other issue in recent years. Click here for a list of Councillors.
www.writetothem.com also provides list of influential people to contact, if you enter your postcode.

Interest from newspapers, radio and TV has been strong. Both the Whitstable Times and Whitstable Gazette have covered the developing events in some detail. Radio Kent, KMFM, Invicta FM, ITV Meridian and BBC SE have all broadcast interviews. The Independent has published a report and KentTV has published a video report.


Hands Off Our Harbour is the campaigning slogan of Whitstable Harbour Watch.

A reminder that the people of Whitstable, through the Council and the Harbour Board, own the Harbour.

We agree that the Harbour Board is the right body to oversee the Harbour, on behalf of the community.

However the Harbour is so important to the whole character and economy of Whitstable, that greater public participation in decision making is essential.